3 ways to support

Step 1

Sign the pledge

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People believe in Australia providing vital support to vulnerable nations

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Step 2

Mask up on Social Media

Use our mask filter

We have created a mask for you to signal your support. Simply follow @endcovidforall and the mask filter will appear in your filter selections. Take a selfie and then tag us!

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Step 3

Spread the word

We need your help. To grow and share the word. One thing you can do today to help #EndCOVIDForAll is share a post on your social media, email someone and use the #EndCOVIDForAll hashtag. Download our pack that has loads of tips and suggestions + images to use in your outreach.

We’re all in this together

How else can you help?

Visit our partners pages and check out what they are doing to help #EndCOVIDForALL

Global Citizen
Micah Australia
Save the Children
World Vision Australia
Plan International
Oxfam Australia
The Fred Hollows Foundation
Care Australia
Campaign For Australian Aid
Baptist World Aid
TEAR Australia
ChildFund Australia
Caritas Australia
IJM Australia
Global Health Alliance Australia

Watch our end covid video